A Blonde and Two Brunettes Walk Into The White House…

By JuliAnne Rose

While at McClatchy Company on Thursday, just as a long shot, we thought “hey, why don’t we see if we can get press passes for an event around DC while we’re here.” We never expected that we would be able to get into the White House, let alone be 20 feet away from President Obama while he led a press briefing.

When we were told they would be able to get us clearance into the White House pressroom, we were excited enough. Leah had heard rumors that President Obama had returned from his trip to Las Vegas the night before our scheduled trip to the pressroom. Crossing our fingers that maybe he’d call a press briefing, we immediately went out shopping for professional outfits worthy of the White House.

On Friday morning, we made our way to the press entrance and watched as journalist after journalist was let through the gate. They gave us our own press badges and we waited anxiously for our escort to arrive to lead us into the room. This was when we found out that yes, the President himself would be giving the press briefing.

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