An Exciting End in Sight

With January Term at PLU coming to a close, “Beyond Burkas & Bombers” has come together beautifully. JuliAnne and Heather have been perfecting their handiwork for the past several months and are eagerly anticipating the April 11, 2013 premiere.

With only the final edits left, a well deserved end is now in sight. Having dedicated hours upon hours to this project, both Heather and JuliAnne are excited to show the world what they have created.  They also won’t mind getting out of the editing suite!

Please join Heather, JuliAnne and MediaLab for the premiere of, “Beyond Burkas & Bombers: Exploring Anti-Muslim Sentiment in America” on PLU’s campus in the Studio Theater on April 11, 2013 at 7 p.m.


4 responses to “An Exciting End in Sight

  1. Any way someone could get a copy on DVD?

  2. Where can this documentary be viewed?

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