With the culmination of the Iraq War at the end of 2011, discussions have begun surrounding the perception of Muslim-Americans and the current Muslim-American relationship. A 2010 Time magazine poll stated that 62% of Americans have never met a Muslim, yet the majority of Americans hold some opinion of Muslims regardless of personal experience. The media continually highlights events that reference radical Muslim organizations, but rarely the daily life of the average Muslim living in the U.S. This type of coverage produces a barrier between cultures and jeopardizes relationships. We will explore what implications this outlook has on a biased perception by non-Muslim Americans and Canadians. Our documentary not only hopes to explore the ramifications of a negative relationship between non-Muslim Americans and Muslim-Americans, but will also attempt to break down the wall of false perceptions by presenting the audience with a true image of average peaceful Muslims.

Through interviews with media scholars, we explore the relationship between the media’s portrayal of Muslims  and North Americans’ misconceptions.  Then, by following average Muslim citizens, we hope to create an on-screen relationship that will challenge these misconceptions.  Finally, we will propose various strategies to mitigate the issue of misrepresentation of Muslims in the media.

With the help of experts, faculty, and friends, the directors hope to produce an eye-opening film about the media’s power and its potential to create positive relations with other countries.


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